Using AI to help find answers to common skin conditions

Developing an AI model that assesses issues for all skin types 

Our tool is the culmination of over three years of machine learning research and product development. To date, we’ve published several peer-reviewed papers that validate our AI model and more are in the works. 

Our landmark study, featured in Nature Medicine, debuted our deep learning approach to assessing skin diseases and showed that our AI system can achieve accuracy that is on par with U.S. board-certified dermatologists. Our most recent paper in JAMA Network Open demonstrated how non-specialist doctors can use AI-based tools to improve their ability to interpret skin conditions

To make sure we’re building for everyone, our model accounts for factors like age, sex, race and skin types — from pale skin that does not tan to brown skin that rarely burns. We developed and fine-tuned our model with de-identified data encompassing around 65,000 images and case data of diagnosed skin conditions, millions of curated skin concern images and thousands of examples of healthy skin — all across different demographics. 

Recently, the AI model that powers our tool successfully passed clinical validation, and the tool has been CE marked as a Class I medical device in the EU.¹ In the coming months, we plan to build on this work so more people can use this tool to answer questions about common skin issues. If you’re interested in this tool, sign up here to be notified (subject to availability in your region).



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