Vow about that: It’s wedding season on Search

We tend to think about “proposal season” as timed to the winter holidays, or big days like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. The actual proposal peak, though? September. With the exception of 2020, every year for the last five years, search interest in marriage proposals has peaked every September in the U.S. Who knows whether it’s the smell of pumpkin spice lattes or the new school year, but for whatever reason, this is when Americans these days prefer to get down on one knee. 

To celebrate all the new fiancés out there, we’re taking a look at some of the trending wedding-related searches of the past year. 

Give me a ring

If you’re curious what people who are thinking about taking that next step are searching for, take a look at some of these proposal-related searches over the past year in the U.S.

Top questions on marriage proposals 

  1. How to propose to a girl?

  2. What knee do you propose on?

  3. How soon is too soon to propose?

  4. Should I propose before or after dinner?

  5. How to get your boyfriend to propose?