Why password managers are your safety net during a data breach

One of the most common objections to password managers — particularly in light of data breaches or vulnerabilities — is the old proverb against keeping “all your eggs in one basket.” With wicker baskets it may make sense to diversify, but when it comes to authentication credentials, a better metaphor is “keeping your money in the bank.” Like physical banks, Google Password Manager uses multiple layers of security to protect against even the most persistent attacks.

First, Google Password Manager is integrated into Android devices and Google Chrome. On each of these platforms, access to your passwords is protected across the full lifecycle: from creation, to storage, to autofill.

Second, your saved passwords are kept safe with the same advanced security we use to protect everything in your Google Account — like your emails, photos and docs. We’re constantly innovating to ensure our protections stay a step ahead of evolving threats, and you can be assured that your passwords are benefitting from the same advancements.

We also provide easy ways for you to enhance the security of your Google Account by taking the Security Checkup, enrolling in 2-Step Verification (2SV), and if you’re a high-risk user, using our Advanced Protection Program (APP).