Work Diary: a Google Assistant marketer in San Francisco

8:30 a.m. → Prep for projects focused on protecting user privacy

When I get to the office, I grab an oat milk latte from the Flora Hub coffee bar on the 13th floor and start looking at my emails and calendar for the day. (This spot has the best views of the Bay — you can see all the way to the Bay Bridge.)

I start this part of the workday by taking inventory of my inbox and calendar and making any adjustments I need to — moving meetings or booking conference rooms, things like that. I also make sure I’ve blocked off at least one part of the day for me to go heads-down and get things done on my top projects. I think of this as my mental prep time.

This week, I’m focused on gathering key user insights from research and prepping for a product and messaging review — this helps our product team address top user concerns and explain things in a simple way that makes sense to everyone.

9 a.m. → Down to business!

My meeting blocks tend to start around 9 a.m., so I head to a conference room. For most of the morning, I’m in Google Meet calls with user focus groups to hear from real users on the privacy controls and settings they use most often or would like to better understand.

When I finish up with user research calls, I meet with Assistant product managers, engineers and other teammates located in New York, Atlanta and Mountain View. We talk about the upcoming privacy and safety settings improvements we’re planning to launch and how we can introduce the updates without disrupting our users’ experience — these meetings always spark good ideas and are key to moving projects forward.

12 p.m. → Cafe with teammates, by route of dooglers <3

Around noon I meet up with some of my fellow Assistant marketing teammates and we walk outside to get to the Maritime Social cafe. The best part is passing by the doogler area and seeing the pups playing!

I have a huge sweet tooth, so I always get dessert with lunch, whatever it is.