Writers’ block? 8 Creators share tips and inspiration

Create a collage of inspiring images.

Many of the creators we surveyed said that collecting images is the main way they come up with ideas for content.

Tiffany Williams is a model and lifestyle blogger from San Diego, California. While working on runways, TV sets and photoshoots, she started Glitz and Glam by Tiff to show what goes on behind the scenes. “I often gather photos that I like and save them for style idea posts or videos,” she told us. “I save video clips of fashion shows that I like and may want to create looks from. I have a library of ideas.” 

 Likewise, Alexi Gleaves, the blogger behind House Gleaves, says, “My bookmarks folders on Instagram look like a Pinterest account, and my Pinterest account looks insane.”  A clothing designer, stylist and photographer, Alexi shares, “When I’ve pulled an outfit to shoot or have decided on a concept for a video or Reels, I go through all of my folders and pull out ideas to incorporate.” She adds, “If it’s a brand sponsorship, I try to incorporate the aesthetic and feel of the brand, but if it’s filler content for my Grid, Stories or a TikTok video, I have a lot more freedom to play.”