Facebook Updates About the Oversight Board Moving to the Transparency Center

Today we launched a new Transparency Center to provide a hub for all our integrity and transparency work. In addition to information on how we enforce our Community Standards, the Transparency Center will also become a central destination for all updates on how Facebook is responding to decisions, recommendations and most case updates from the Oversight Board. We’ll continue to use our Newsroom for significant moments related to the Oversight Board, including cases with a great deal of public interest and future expansions of the board’s scope.

Since the board started work last fall, they have selected 13 cases and issued over 40 recommendations. Facebook has responded to all of the board’s recommendations within 30 days and has committed to take action on a majority of those recommendations. With the launch of the Transparency Center, you’ll now be able to track a case from its selection through to our response to a decision’s accompanying recommendations, and be able to follow updates to those recommendations. 

Facebook created and empowered the Oversight Board to exercise independent judgment over some of the most difficult and significant content decisions — and beyond the individual impact of case decisions, the board’s recommendations have already begun to play a central role in shaping how we approach content policies on our platform. We hope the Transparency Center will prove a helpful resource for those following our responses to the board’s decisions and recommendations, as the board continues to push us to improve our processes and policies.