Helping Each Other Book Vaccine Appointments

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is our best bet at coming back together safely. Every day, more vaccine appointments become available in the US, and people are coming together on Facebook to help each other get vaccinated. That starts with booking an appointment. 

A group of teachers in Montgomery County, Maryland have gone through every detail of their local vaccine appointment website and are helping people schedule their shots. But true to their profession, they’re also sharing their knowledge to empower others to book their own appointments. And they’re focusing on helping people in underserved communities most impacted by COVID-19. They started the Vaccine Hunters Las Caza Vacunas group on Facebook to share tips, and now doctors are even referring patients to the group. They’ve also helped Montgomery County officials proofread and correct Spanish translation errors on the County’s website to avoid confusion and help everyone get the COVID-19 vaccine information they need.

Photo of the women behind Vaccine Hunters Las Caza Vacunas

In Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Gene Davis founded DFW Covid Vaccine Finder after helping his elderly parents get vaccinated. The group shares information on where eligible people in the area can get their shots, and they’ve helped schedule appointments for thousands of people. One volunteer was able to get every elderly member of her church vaccinated thanks to information shared in the group. 

DFW Covid Vacciner Finder quote graphic

When Katherine Quirk and Russell Schwartz thought of their grandparents scheduling vaccine appointments online, they realized that many people may not have the computer skills, or access, necessary to find and book vaccination appointments. So they started the South Florida COVID-19 Vaccination Info group on Facebook and have helped schedule thousands of appointments. In three months, the group has grown to over 40,000 members and includes people outside of Florida as well. Members in New York are using the group to help their parents living in Florida get vaccinated. It’s also inspired others to start similar groups in Pennsylvania, New York and Toronto.

South Florida Covid Vaccination Info quote graphic

Together, we can put COVID-19 behind us.