Over 100 Million People Have Signed Up for Local Blood Donation Notifications

Today on World Blood Donor Day, we’re announcing that more than 100 million people around the world have signed up for Facebook’s Blood Donations feature, which allows people to sign up for notifications from nearby blood banks about donation opportunities.

In the first two months after our US launch in June 2019, the Blood Donations feature increased donations from first-time blood donors at partner sites by 19%. In Brazil and India, the share of donors at blood banks who said that they were influenced by a Facebook notification to donate blood increased from 0% to 14% in the first year.

100M Blood Donations stat graphic

Since we first launched the Blood Donations feature in India in 2017, we have expanded to 37 countries — now including Australia, Colombia, Israel, Singapore and Tunisia as of today. 

Check the map below to see if this feature is available in your country. We’re working to make this more widely available in the near future.

Map of countries where the Blood Donations feature is available

We’ve also introduced a way for people to discover nearby blood donation events through the Blood Donations feature. Now blood donation centers can share their donation opportunities via Facebook Events, making them easily seen by people who have signed up to receive blood donation notifications. People can RSVP to blood donation events and share with their friends.

Screenshots of Blood Donations tool on Facebook

To commemorate World Blood Donor Day — which was founded by the World Health Organization to thank blood donors and to raise awareness of the need for regular blood donations — we hosted the Global Forum on Blood Donations with our partners on June 10. 

Global health leaders, blood donation experts and young blood donor advocates from around the world came together to discuss innovative strategies to inspire young people to donate. 

Join us in celebrating World Blood Donor Day by signing up to receive notifications about ways to donate blood in your community today.