Portraits of Pride | Celebrating Allyship

Sean Snyder and Adrian Stevens grew up dancing at powwows, but they were disqualified from a Sweetheart Special dance that required participating pairs to consist of a male and a female. The couple, which identifies as Two Spirit and non-binary, became determined to increase visibility and representation of Two-Spirit relations. By being open about their relationship and sharing their love for each other and their Native culture on Instagram, the couple has created a space online where Two-Spirit couples are not only represented, but celebrated.

Growing up they’d heard an oral history of Two-Spirit relations, but saw few examples of Two-Spirit couples documented in photos. By creating content that captures their love and other aspects of their life, they’re providing examples for future generations to see themselves represented. Through hashtags, messages, photos and more, the couple connects with others in the community, serving as allies to people across the country.