Ankle brace – A necessary piece of action sports equipment

The adrenaline pumping surge of racing down a mountain, the thrill of a tail whip, or pushing the technical skateboarding boundaries with kickflips, ollies or Caballerials, is unmatched in the world of action sports. Chasing the next ‘thrill ride’ is a never-ending pursuit for serious extreme sports fanatics. And this is where an ankle brace has become a quintessential piece of equipment for prevention, protection and recovery. 

Intrinsic to any high impact action sport is the issue of risk-taking. We are well aware that our bodies only have a limited ability to protect themselves from landing incorrectly or falling – the nature of the extreme sports game. ER doctors, biokineticists and physiotherapists are the frontline responders in treating ankle injuries sustained while on a mountain bike, skateboard, snowboard or wakeboard and are quick to sing the praises of an ankle brace – for prevention, support and rehabilitation.

​​Ankle braces – and their evolving designs – are fast becoming a popular and versatile gear for athletes of any sport as a protective external support measure. 

Here are 3 reasons ankle braces are becoming more popular in the extreme sports industry:

#1 Prophylactic protection

With lateral ankle sprains being one of the most common injuries among competitive and recreational action sports athletes, “prevention is better than cure” should definitely be a mantra in the world of extreme sports. The word on the BMX circuit, mountain bike track and skateboard park is that laced ankle braces are significantly reducing the incidence of initial and recurrent ankle sprain injuries and do not seem to adversely affect functional performance. 

Ankle brace support

#2 Strapping support

Action sports enthusiasts are well aware of the potential toll their high impact BMX, mountain biking, skateboarding or wakeboarding activities and tricks can take on their ankles. You cannot ride off a roof on a BMX or fly through the air on a mountain bike without realizing the potential damage to your joints. An ankle brace becomes that safety net support and stabilization offering additional shock absorption for ankle bashing and bruising. 

Professional BMX rider – Dennis Enarson – is an avid supporter of an ankle brace (specifically Space Brace’s ankle brace 2.0) as a must-have piece of sports gear: “The best protection for an ankle ever. If you have a sore ankle and are recovering or just want to send a bigger drop to flat, these things (ankle braces) will bind the crap out of that ankle.”

Dennis Enarson BMX space Brace ankle brace

#3 Radical rehabilitation

An ankle brace is often prescribed to prevent a recurring ankle injury or to rehabilitate an ankle sprain. Should you be the victim of a sprained ankle, ankle braces offer unique support to lessen the severity of the injury and help you ride for longer without incurring further damage. As part of your treatment therapy plan, a comfortable and well-fitted ankle brace will assist with balance, range of motion, strength and endurance; all necessary for a proper recovery.  

There are many ankle braces on the market that not only offer superior ankle support, are breathable and have and sleek, non-bulky design, but also include innovative quick-lace technology, detachable elastic cover straps and protective inserts. If you are a serious extreme sports athlete, ankle braces are likely on your radar as a necessary and beneficial investment