25 Fun Virtual Scavenger Hunts Ideas For Remote Workers

Want to organize a virtual scavenger hunt but don’t know how? Let’s help you out with some tips and scavenger hunt ideas.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — If you have been on our website before, you would have noticed that we are all about scavenger hunts! Riddle-base hunts, holiday-themed hunts, outdoor or virtual hunts, clue-based hunts, seek and find-based scavenger hunts – whatever kind of scavenger hunt you can think of, we love them and can give you all! But today, we will be talking about virtual scavenger hunts and how you can incorporate them into your team-building fun activities.

Virtual scavenger hunts are remote games where players compete against each other to find or solve the most questions off a predetermined list for an allotted time. For example, players might be required to take selfies with pets, search for worst-dressed pictures on Google or take silly videos to earn points.

Just like its outdoor counterpart, a virtual scavenger hunt involves chasing down items, solving riddles, following clues, and getting the excitement out of solving mysteries. But more than its fun advantages, a virtual scavenger hunt can also build togetherness, trust, and problem-solving skills amongst workers in a virtual team.

How To Host A Virtual Team Scavenger Hunt For Work
So, you have decided to host a virtual scavenger hunt for your remote workers but don’t know how to go about it? No worries, we’ve got you covered with the following tips:

Tip 1: Choose a scavenger hunt company like 212Quest to help you create a customized virtual scavenger hunt suitable for your team. Or, choose a DIY idea from our list of virtual scavenger hunts below.

Tip 2: Whether you are outsourcing the services of a scavenger hunt company like 212Quest or hosting a DIY hunt, you need to decide on the theme and how long it will run. Do you want a Christmas-based scavenger hunt, something spooky for Halloween, hunts that relate to your organizational goals, or something specific to your team? Then go for it! You also decide on how long the scavenger hunt should last. You can go for a week-long scavenger hunt if you want players to find clues daily or 2-4hours.

Tip 3: Make a list of the items you want your team to find during the scavenger hunt. Your list shouldn’t be too long or too short – just the right size for everybody to have fun. You also want to select the medium by which you will be getting the clues from players. Would you want them to email you the pictures, use Facebook, slack, or through a video conferencing platform? You decide that too!

Tip 4: Send out invitations to players that will be participating in your scavenger hunt. Share clues and instructions on how to find them with the players. Don’t forget to set game rules and define what “winning the game” means to avoid confusion.

Tip 5: Collect responses and celebrate the winners. Also, don’t forget to add a little gift for your winner.

List of Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Remote Workers
Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s give you some virtual scavenger hunt ideas! These ideas can be modified and customized to suit your team preferences, and you can pick as many as you like. Let the fun begin!

A video conferencing virtual scavenger hunt
This hunt is perfect for all video conferencing platforms, and you can organize it using a simple list.
1. Put your video conferencing participants into teams.
2. Create a list of items for people to find. You can add things like, “picture of something you owned when you were 16”, pictures of your pet, perform or mimic a viral Tiktok dance, recreate an old family photo, recreate a famous work of art, or share a book from your library that is over 300 pages long. Just get creative!
3. Set a time frame and award the winner a gift.

Social Media Virtual Scavenger Hunt
4. Find funny zoom glitches on YouTube and share them with the group
5. Search for the worst or best selfie on Google images
6. Find a trending Instagram hashtag
7. Find a tweet from someone with rhyming first and last name.
8. Challenge players to search for words, keywords, information, or pictures on the company’s website.

Picture or Video Hunts
9. Take a picture or video of your morning routine
10. Challenge players to take pictures of them wearing their favorite outfit or their breakfast. For an outdoor selfie hunt, challenge players to take photos with trees and cars.
11. Challenge players to find pictures of their friends taking a selfie with a horse, goat, or other animals.
12. Find a picture from the last wedding you attended.
13. Find celebrities with the same hometown as someone in your group
14. Select a Netflix show and give players a list of objects, colors, clothes, or words to find in them.
15. Create a list of unique colors and ask players to find items around their homes that match these colors.

Holiday Themed Hunts
16. Find a picture of yourself from your last holiday.
17. Share a picture of local town celebrations
18. Share a picture or video of your home’s holiday-themed decors
19. Share a picture of the biggest Christmas tree in your area
20. Share a picture of the funniest Halloween costume
21. Share a picture of the finest Halloween costume

Travel and Location Themed Hunts
22. Challenge players to take pictures of famous sights in their city. You can use a riddle or teaser to add more fun to the game.
23. Share photos of a local delicacy.
24. Share photos of someone wearing local attires or popular clothing styles associated with your city.

25. I’m always running, sometimes before you or after you. I have my hands on my face and nothing but time. Answer: Clock
26. It can be a code, card, or made out of metal. And without me, you are not getting in. Answer: Key

Conclusion: Everybody loves a good chase, and a fun virtual scavenger hunt is the perfect recipe for thrills and entertainment.

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