Career Fit Assessments Made Smart: Workwolf and Self Management Group Combine Forces to Create Unbeatable Tech

Workwolf and Self Management Group Pair Psychometrics and Top Tech for Candidate Success

This partnership strikes at the heart of talent acquisition’s biggest problem and solves it by reducing the risks associated with hiring and improving systemic inefficiencies.”

— Erik Simins, CEO

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 2, 2021 / — As part of a comprehensive, automated applicant filtration and credential verification system that is improving the way recruiters and employers find and retain top talent, Workwolf has partnered with Self Management Group to develop a career fit assessment that uses benchmarking based on psychometric profiling and expert advice in candidate potential. In pairing with and working alongside career fit and psychometric experts at Self Management Group, Workwolf is developing an easily integrated hiring and filtration process that is making hiring easier and more effective for recruiters and employers alike, while promoting and putting equitable hiring practices at the forefront.

Co-founded by CEO Erik Simins, Workwolf is a SaaS company that leverages blockchain technology, among other systems, to allow candidates to securely share authenticated, tamper-proof credentials and personal information with employers and recruiters in lieu of a self-proclaimed resume. The company was founded to replace traditional self-proclaimed, unverified resumes with Digital Work Passports to ensure authenticity in personal and professional credentials and avoid mis-hires based on inaccurate resume information. Commercializing, this year, Workwolf is implementing an automated system that utilizes soft skill assessments and other blind filtration procedures to work toward increasing workplace diversity and creating equitable employment opportunities in various industries.

Workwolf’s CEO, Erik Simins, has been working alongside consultant and career potential advisor, Robert Dougan, to develop Packfinder, a psychometric-based career fit assessment that analyzes an individual’s soft skills and natural predispositions in a workplace to avoid prejudice in hiring cycles. As such, Packfinder was created to be part of a comprehensive automated filtration process that encourages recruiters and employers to hire based on equitable characteristics, rather than aspects of one’s identity or experience that restricts diverse hiring practices.

Packfinder uses over three decades worth of research and expertise in various workplace environments to determine a user’s potential in 60 unique job functions based on personality, strengths in various soft skills, and natural predispositions within the workplace. The assessment, once completed by the user, determines their potential success in various career paths, ranking their suitability for positions on a scale from one to five.

The resulting output can be used by a job seeker to showcase their soft skills and likelihood of success in a position for which they would apply. Additionally, the results of the Packfinder are used by recruiters and employers to automatically filter and determine who among their applicants would be a top performing employee. Using either Workwolf’s proven pre-established benchmarks or a customized recruiter/employer benchmark, the tool ranks applicants in categories including one’s self management skills, motivational profile, environmental fit, comfort with conflict, people orientation, and analytical orientation. By measuring for these skills, rather than allowing filtration and hiring decisions to be based on a candidate’s presume or interviewing skills, that may include aspects of their marginalized identity, recruiters and employers can assure their hiring processes are both effective and equitable in finding their top matching candidate.

The benchmarks used in this process can either be those that are preset on the Workwolf platform—which have been determined by experts in career fit assessment and potential—or can be those set by recruiters and employers themselves, to ensure that their benchmarks reflect exactly what is required for a position for which they’re hiring. The benchmarks Workwolf and Self Management Group have preestablished for Packfinder include positions such as administrative assistant, data scientist, financial manager, marketing assistant, nurse practitioner/registered nurse, office manager, operations manager, and software developer, plus 50 more. As well, the platform offers benchmarks that reflect positions with an emphasis on leadership, management, sales, and service. In addition to the main categories that determine a candidate’s potential in various job functions and career paths, the assessment measures the user’s consistency and confidence, among other factors in responses at the time of their assessment to determine if the candidate is lying or trying to somehow “game” the assessment.

Of this hiring process, Simins says, “when you examine the two key variables used to ultimately short list and decide which candidate to hire (1. The resume, 2. Interviewing), you’re left with a data source that is inaccurate over half the time and candidates who can interview well, but don’t perform when hired. Both variables are easy for candidates to manipulate. Workwolf makes the authenticates the data and provides greater insight into the potential hire taking much of the risk out the process.”

In addition to growing Workwolf’s reach, the company has been recognized globally for their innovation in automation the recruitment process and their use of blockchain in the field of human resources. Workwolf and Self Management Group are offering all post-secondary students the opportunity to take Packfinder for free to help determine their suitability and potential in specific careers as they enter the workforce. Users can sign up for a free personal Workwolf account to take Packfinder to take charge of their future by discovering career paths they may not have ever considered for themselves. Inspiring the next generation starts by empowering them with the tools they need to succeed; Packfinder is the number one tool used to make the future of work equitable, effective, and easier for all involved.

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