Download the training module for Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app

The Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app helps frontline workers stay connected to essential information while out in the field. Frontline workers use the mobile app to view schedules, record notes, and examine customer, work order, and asset information.

Download the training module, Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app in a day, to learn how to set up, use, and configure the Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app. This self-paced, on-demand training is a step-by-step guide through exercises based on business scenarios from real customers.

What you’ll learn

After completing the online training module, which can be completed in about four hours, you will be able to:

  • Download and sign in to the mobile app and interact with Dynamics 365 Field Service information like bookings and work orders.
  • Perform common configurations like editing the tables, forms, views, and columns displayed in the mobile app. Set up “offline first” synchronization so the mobile app works without internet access.
  • Perform more advanced configurations and customizations like location tracking, push notifications, barcode scanning, and mobile workflows to accommodate more business requirements and processes.
  • Learn best practices to implement the Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app, including migrating from the previous mobile app.

What you’ll need

To complete the “Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app in a day” training, you will need:

  • Internet connection
  • PC computer or laptop
  • Android or iOS  mobile phone or tablet

No prior experience is needed. The module starts with setting up a new Dynamics 365 Field Service environment from scratch and builds from there. If you are already using Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can use your existing environment.

More about the Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app

The Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app is a model-driven app built on Microsoft Power Platform that is optimized for mobile interfaces. This means the process to manage, configure, customize, and upgrade the mobile app is the same process as it is for other web-based Dynamics 365 apps. It also means the mobile app uses Microsoft Power Platform functions and leverages new platform capabilities.

Next steps

To begin your self-paced tutorial, download the training module Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app in a day.