Enable productivity with native mobile experiences optimized for sellers

In the last year, business travel and face-to-face meetings have reduced significantly—but global workforces are busier than ever. The pace of selling has sped up during the pandemic, and the common pain points sellers face have become exacerbated as they juggle more responsibilities and obligations across work, home, and multiple time zones.

Sellers need to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently, where menial functions are automated and data entry is minimal, allowing them to accomplish their goals and achieve results in less time.

The new Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app, now generally available, brings together the best of the core solutions sellers use most. With Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Dynamics 365 Sales, the mobile app creates a frictionless selling experience, streamlined for a seller’s hectic workday. The app integrates native mobile device capabilities with the best of Microsoft and Dynamics 365 Sales concepts: collaboration, productivity, engagement, and intelligent workflows to create a streamlined native mobile app experience.

The Sales mobile app is also easily extendable using Microsoft Power Platform. With the new mobile sales app, Dynamics 365 Sales supports the always-on expectations so today’s sellers can work from almost anywhere.

Start the day ahead of the game

The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app keeps sellers on the critical path with real-time push notifications that the organization can customize based on individual business needs. Reminders and insights not only keeps sellers on top of updates to key record details, but it also can alert them to more complex issues, such as opportunities with upcoming closed dates that have shown little or no recent activities. The app can also extract and alert sellers to potential issues, directly from their Outlook inbox, such as licenses for an account that are soon to expire.

Inside the app, the home page highlights the most useful and relevant information for sellers to conduct their daily tasks. The app displays upcoming meetings, recent contacts, and recently viewed records, pulled from Outlook and Dynamics 365 Sales, in the primary focus mode. From the home screen, sellers can create any entity or activity, including notes and contacts. Sellers can easily drill down for more information about any entity.

graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text messagegraphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

Come prepared to every customer engagement

On the meetings tab, sellers can review their calendar and join Microsoft Teams meetings with one click of a button.

For face-to-face travel, the app provides location links to quickly access the device’s native maps app. The new Dynamics 365 Sales app provides sellers with relationship and logistics data sourced from Outlook and Dynamics 365 Sales. In a single meeting card, the seller knows key meeting details and attendee responses from Outlook. Dynamics 365 Sales data is pulled so the seller sees associated opportunity title, estimated revenue, closed date, pipeline phase, notes, and AI-generated reminders.

graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text messagegraphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

Conduct daily tasks with ease, while on the go

Sellers can find contacts they need to reach with recently modified records with typo-proof search capabilities. With the quick view forms optimized for mobile devices, sellers have easy access to make quick updates and drill into a full view if they need more details. Sellers can quickly add notes, create contacts, and update data in relevant records.

Save time, and escape manual data entry

The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app reduces manual entry and saves valuable time by supporting voice dictated notes while still fresh in the seller’s minds. Sellers can also take photos of their notes in hard copy and associate to the appropriate records as attachments. The app also allows sellers to scan business cards automatically into contacts so sellers have all the relevant details exactly where they are needed for future reference.

Note capture in camera on phone in Dynamics 365 Sales mobileNote capture in camera on phone in Dynamics 365 Sales mobile

Work and domestic responsibilities have blurred across time zones, creating longer workdays that seemingly never end. And, as always, the pressure on sellers to hit goals and achieve results does not abate. The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app brings together powerful, seller-specific workflows with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Sales to give sellers an incredibly powerful edge to stay at the top of their game.

The Dynamics 365 mobile app is a deeply integrated, on-the-go CRM (customer relationship management) that supercharges sales organizations. 

Learn More

In the coming weeks, we will be encouraging users to download and begin using the new Sales mobile app.

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To download the mobile app now:

Apple App Store: ‎Dynamics 365 Sales on the App Store (apple.com)

Google Play: Dynamics 365 Sales – Apps on Google Play