Enhance your fraud workflow with efficient manual review

Managing robust fraud operations can be complex and time consuming. To help simplify the process and increase your fraud detection efficiency as well as accuracy, Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection takes a cohesive approach to manual review.

With the Manual Review tool, now available in preview, you can set the rules to identify transactions that can benefit from further human review. You then place those items in a queue to facilitate and amplify the review process. The tool enables rule-based or business process-based queues with intelligent routing and feedback integration to help keep manual reviewers on schedule in their tasks. This seamless integration helps reduce the complex feedback loop and is scalable to accommodate any type of manual review operations.

Key capabilities

  • Queue management – Create workflows that route suspected fraudulent transactions to different queues for manual review based on specific criteria and manage them in one place.
  • Review dashboard – Use a dashboard to see a curated view of data, complete with previous transaction history, so that you can review a transaction and analyze the fraud pattern efficiently.
  • Create customized actions – Dynamically create remedy actions, such as decisions and fraud labeling, which can be applied for tracking and analysis purposes. You can escalate complex transactions that may require further review.
  • A customized performance dashboard – Access a dashboard that displays a list of reviewed orders, fraudulent orders, the false positive rate, and so on, calculated by the team or analyst, with daily and monthly views. Reports can also be exported and shared internally for review and discussion.

Example screenshots

Manual review queuesManual review queues


Residual Queue for manual reviewResidual Queue for manual review


Transaction summary for manual reviewTransaction summary for manual review

Next steps 

To learn more about manual review capabilities and details, check out the GitHub site for Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection – Manual review. Also, join the Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection Insider Program, to get an early view of upcoming features and discuss best practices to combat fraud.