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COVID-19 has had a significant impact across organizations regardless of size, industry, and location. Our valuable, and free, Finance Reimagined virtual CFO summit explored the many implications for finance leaders and their organizations as they attempt to adapt operations in this uncertain time.

You can now watch on-demand content from this summit, including more than a dozen sessions from the event, so be sure to log back in or sign up for free to watch the on-demand sessions.

From this amazing day, which included more than 2,000 finance leaders, we captured incredible insights to help you steer your organization through this crisis and reimagine the future. Finance leaders shared how they sustained core processes through immediate action, shifting from in-person to remote work, including how to complete a virtual close. Other lessons included how to strategically cut costs during uncertain times, while reducing risk and improving compliance.

Leaders shared best practices for understanding and maintaining employee engagement and developing essential skills while remote, as well as for safely transitioning the workforce back to the office. Insights included learning how to adjust for headcount and pay scales for employees spanning across regions.

The other focus was reimagining the future. While we may not be able to predict the future, we can work to prepare ourselves for a new normal. Business complexity will continue growing, data will continue surging, and risks, threats, and regulations will continue increasing. Expectations on finance departments to manage these challenges will continue rising, too.

Fortunately, changes in technology, processes, and our organizations’ underlying cultures will enable us to address these needs. We explored how finance leaders are leading their company’s through this transformation, leveraging tools like AI-driven insights to improve forecasting and scenario analysis. Leaders shared hard-won lessons and specific, step-by-step tactics that other organizations can successfully adopt.

The event is not done yet

Take advantage of the many ongoing opportunities. A host of additional on-demand content covering all of these topics—response, recovery, and reimagination—is available exclusively to event registrants. Log in today to watch the sessions or sign up for free and watch the sessions.

You can also replay any of the CoreNote keynote sessions to tune into the portions that resonated most with you.

You can even listen to CFO Microsoft Business Applications Jeffrey York’s on-demand session on lasting finance transformation, where he shares a proven path to finance transformation. It’s meant to provide you with a replicable way to transform your finance team into an optimum operating model so that you can rely on predictable outcomes and gain long-term value through real-time insights.

Review many small-group roundtables

It was fantastic to see so much direct engagement and participation across our roundtables. In these breakout sessions, CFOs and other peers shared how cost reduction and risk mitigation represent some of the most important and often first actions taken to recover from a crisis. They discussed how they’ve cut costs, ensured liquidity, and managed cashflow. They also looked at how they plan to build on these actions to set their businesses up for ongoing recovery and success.

Whether you’re looking to use analytics to support quick decisions or encouraging innovation and automation to simplify and scale financial processes, you can listen in on any of these roundtable discussions to hear how your peers are addressing modern business challenges.

We also encourage you to engage with other finance leaders to discuss challenges and topics important to you through ongoing roundtables with other attendees.

Keep connecting with others

The summit brought together over 2,000 finance leaders. We hope you made new connections, and we encourage you to foster these new professional relationships post-event. Don’t miss out on the on-demand content and other valuable insights. If you already signed up for Finance Reimagined, log back in, or if this is your first time, sign up now for free and watch the valuable on-demand sessions.