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Erbo an award-winning app developer based in Edinburgh, with a passion for delivering the most cutting-edge, industry-disrupting mobile apps.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, May 31, 2021 / — Erbo, a groundbreaking app developer located in Edinburgh, has captured the attention of Scotland. This award-winning mobile app development company has gone above and beyond, showcasing breathtaking apps using some of the latest cutting-edge technology

Located in Edinburgh, Erbo has quickly made waves across the nation and received special recognition as one of the foremost app developers to date. Erbo has even been heralded as “one of the leading app developers in Scotland,” according to the well-known Scottish newspaper, The Scotsman. In fact, this recognition puts Erbo on the map as the most innovative app developer in Edinburgh. Thanks to its ingenuity and excellent customer service, Erbo has received multiple awards for its creative and multidisciplinary solutions in mobile app development.

The expertise that accompanies Erbo speaks for itself. For example, Erbo is in fact a Certified Apple Developer. It is also a Google Enterprise Partner and has received multiple awards. This leading app developer in Edinburgh is famous for the preemptive strikes it makes, anticipating technological trends and the features that individuals want to see utilised in the apps they love most. Erbo is determined to make a fashionable app that is also functional and streamlines the user’s experience in every possible way. One Erbo spokesperson simply said it this way, “We take great pride in creating great-looking apps that your users will love and that have the potential to bring next-level results to your business.”

Edinburgh’s app developer Erbo offers a high level of expertise in their mobile app development services. For example, they have experience in conducting business with many different leading industries, crafting the perfect apps that allow them to reach a wide range of consumers. This high level of expertise has allowed Erbo to refine their app creations to a near granular level, where they hone in on the various wants and needs of each of their clients in great detail. This is also reflected in their customer service. Working with Erbo has been described by many as a pleasurable experience. In other words, they have been said to be easy to work with, approachable, friendly, and available 24/7 for any technical support needs that may arise. In addition, customers and businesses have expressed great satisfaction with the app packages offered by Erbo, labelling them as comprehensive and detailed to the point where they
permit users to fully utilise innovative designs without sacrificing quality, performance, or functionality.

Another resourceful quality of this leading app developer in Edinburgh is its 0% financing policy. Erbo makes sure businesses of all sizes have the same access to its premier services by ensuring that each package has 0% financing. A spokesperson from Erbo addressed this issue, saying, “We do not believe that budget limitation should get in the way of your new app.” They continued, “Our in-house financing options offer a great way to start and to help businesses get their apps out of the idea phase into reality.” Since developing and launching an app is an extensive process, Erbo has refined its techniques to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike, contributing to the company being known as the most reliable app developer in Edinburgh.

Two common questions people ask are what the process and timetable of app development are, as well as the costs involved. How much does it cost to hire an app developer? Costs can easily vary depending on the scope of each project, the timetable involved, as well as what platform (iOS, Android) the app is being developed for. Furthermore, app development costs vary according to the project type and difficulty level, as well as various features and functional requirements the app needs.

Customisation is certainly a factor, as well as the platform involved. In other words, there are many factors that affect pricing, so a straightforward price is not always simple to give. More commonly, an estimate is prepared for the consumer instead. Costs aside, proper app development projects take time. For example, projects that are on a smaller scale may still consume several hundred hours of the app developer’s time. This is usually dispersed over a period of 3-6 months. However, the more complex a project is, the more time it will take to develop the app and see it come to fruition. In fact, complicated app development projects may even take more than 1,200 hours, usually spread out over the period of a year, until the app is ready to launch.

Erbo is nationally recognised for its innovative apps that display a true touch of ingenuity. The leading app developer in Edinburgh has contributed to the growth of businesses all across the UK, optimising their efficiency, fine tuning their digital presence, and helping them gain new leads and have higher conversion rates. Because of the popularity of mobile devices, app development is currently one of the most popular and successful industries. When combining ad revenue, in-app purchases, and mobile app downloads, approximately £88 billion is earned. In the year 2021, this amount is expected to surpass £188 billion.

This is not surprising when taking into account that approximately 90% of mobile usage is directly correlated to the use of apps. In addition, the average conversion rates of apps are approximately 300% higher than websites. Therefore, it is not difficult to reason that an app that is properly and uniquely designed, as well as highly functional, has the ability to bolster a business financially. With this in mind, a well-designed app is an investment certainly worth making.

About Erbo
Erbo is considered to be the leading app developer in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have been nationally recognised for their creative and highly functional apps developed for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Erbo has received multiple awards and is staffed by seasoned designers, marketers, and developers located in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Erbo Edinburgh
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Leading App Developer in Edinburgh | Erbo

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