Raptoreum’s Awesome Community Innovates While Core Development Continues to Push the Boundaries of Possibility.

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Raptoreum continues to innovate

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As Raptoreum nears two months since main net inception, it has seen overwhelming support in development both from community innovations and Core progress

Raptoreum (SXCH:RTM)

LONDON, LONDON, ENGLAND UK, April 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Raptoreum project has grown exponentially since mainnet release on February 26th, after just over 3 years in development with thorough stability and security testing, the team have brought a solid antiASIC and antiFPGA Proof-of-Work blockchain to market which combines upcoming futures, smart contracts and asset layer with a custom switching algorithm, Ghostrider.

The brand new Ghostrider algorithm uses a x16r randomizer, which is combined with 8 Cryptonight hashing algorithms. This discourages ASICS and FPGAS based on its overall complexity of instruction. Should a developer create an ASIC or FPGA script to hash Ghostrider, right from the launch of the asset layer RTM has the ability to change its custom algorithmic parameters without the detriment of forking and outraging the community with
wallet updates and other changes.

RTM has true 51% attack protection unlike many other Proof-Of-Work blockchains, as included are LLMQ Chain Locks on its Smart Nodes . LLMQ Chain Locks are beneficial due to the ability to prevent an ‘attacker’ from re-organizing a chain more than 1 block. RTM’s Smart Nodes send a CLSIG message in every single block, and if only 60% or more Smart Nodes agree with the transaction and have witnessed the block – will it go ahead.

At time of writing, Raptoreum has hit an impressive 130 Reachable SmartNodes deployed on the network by its community, with each requiring 600,000 RTM coins as collateral. SmartNodes not only give the RTM network added security by preventing reorganization, but they also play a key role in the upcoming layer 2 and scalability of the anticipated RTM Smart Contracts as per the roadmap.

The upcoming RTM Smart Contract layer is expected to be one of the easiest to develop in the world. Being quick, responsive and super scalable from-the-get-go. Many blockchains currently have their smart contracts and asset layers based in the block itself, restricting its capability with the corresponding Block size. Raptoreum uses the SmartNode layer to enable network participants to develop both smart contracts and DAPP’s without the usual constraints of the block size limit and will offer multiple programming languages giving more ease of use and flexibility to achieve in DAPP and contract creation, resulting in a larger pool of developer participation in the RTM network and a much more effective decentralization.
RTM’s proposed Smart Contracts can be near instant due to transactions being able to appear instantly on the blockchain and confirmed in just a single block due to the LLMQ chain Lock protection and CLSIG signatures. This opens doors to a whole world of instant, vast, immutable automations and asset manipulation.

RTM wallets can be found at GitHub here – https://github.com/Raptor3um/raptoreum/releases , and are currently PC based only, although mobile wallets are currently a welcomed development-in-progress in which many will be pleased to see fruition pretty soon. The current workaround is to use the wallet at Discord on mobile in which every joiner at the Raptoreum server gets in order to send and receive RTM and other coins to and from the community. The ‘Stacy’ wallet is very intuitive and all users own their private keys at all times.

Mining RTM is currently CPU based only due to the fact that Raptoreum’s in house Ghostrider algorithm randomly changes preventing ASIC and FPGA entering the network. This has caused difficulty in producing a GPU based miner. Recent community innovations and snippets from Raptoreum’s developers have suggested that talented individual(s) are currently working on an anticipated ‘Ghostrider’ GPU miner. The great thing about Raptoreum’s blockchain is that even an old Core 2 Duo miner will still get a fair amount of coins, and as a result of ‘Ghostrider’ and RTM’s emission schedule, is very inclusive and fair for all to get involved in. Several pools are available to choose from which can be found here – https://miningpoolstats.stream/raptoreum and Raptoreum’s CPU miner can be found here – https://github.com/npq7721/cpuminer-gr/releases/tag/1.2.0 . Mining is pretty straight forward to setup, there are many YouTube videos, and most pools have a guide to get started. The miner also has a readme file within its directory.

Raptoreum’s community has been growing exponentially and organically with both in house and community generated engagements creating an atmosphere of intellect and good hearted humour. This is what a lot of projects seem to miss. That true community spirit, dedication and support from the get go, no matter the value. Recent community innovations such as ARM miner for RPi, workarounds for Android mobile, various printed items, pool innovations, games, faucets and more have been developed, with more on the way. It is certainly exciting to think about the innovations that may be seen at layer 2 Asset and Smart Contract release both in gaming and business integrations. Influencer support has also been quite widespread with many youtubers from all over the world such as Russia’s ‘Juli Cold’ creating eye-catching content and attracting more users to the chain.

Raptoreum’s most recent listing is on the SouthXchange. A long trading exchange at 11 years with little issue, it has gained somewhat trust and popularity.
Upcoming roadmap goals include deployment of Futures, Assets, mobile wallet and smart contracts with expected milestones in-between.

We are all excited to see what the future holds for Raptoreum.

Website – https://www.Raptoreum.com
Twitter – https://twitter.com/raptoreum
Telegram – https://t.me/raptoreumm
Discord – https://discord.gg/2T8xG7e
Blog – https://blog.raptoreum.com/
Documentation – https://docs.raptoreum.com/
Papers – https://docs.raptoreum.com/#/papers
Wallets – https://github.com/Raptor3um/raptoreum/releases
CPU Miner – https://github.com/npq7721/cpuminer-gr/releases/tag/1.2.0
Pools – https://miningpoolstats.stream/raptoreum
SouthXchange – https://main.southxchange.com/Market/Book/RTM/BTC

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Juli Cold’s Raptoreum review for the Russian speaking community.

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