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Projects used to be a discrete subset of work people did every day, but the way we work is transforming. Organizations and individuals have taken incredible leaps to implement digital innovations to help employees work better together now that so many are working from home. Today, all work is project work, and everyone works on projects. Projects can range from ad hoc, involving a couple of people, to years’ long efforts and entire portfolios.

Today, all work is project work, and everyone works on projects.”

—Howard Crow, Head of Product for Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project

The transformation of projects from discrete activities to the work each of us does every day requires new approaches and a new generation of tools that can span an organization and meet people where they are working. To answer these challenges, Microsoft’s vision is connected project experiences that are simple enough for everyone to use and powerful enough to be a catalyst for business success across the world’s largest organizations.

In a time when projects are the unifying thread woven throughout the fabric of modern work, Microsoft delivers the platform, tools, and capabilities teams need to eliminate complexity, clarify priorities, stay on top of tasks, and work together to achieve key strategic objectives. Our solutions—including Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations—provide the end-to-end management capabilities that teams and organizations of all sizes need to tackle projects of every level of complexity.

Cut through complexity with connected project experiences

Cutting through complexity starts with visibility, and Microsoft’s connected project experiences are designed to help you organize and view projects, schedules, and tasks—or dive more deeply into all the details. They provide intelligent, data-driven operational insights so you can address emerging issues before they become problems and seize new opportunities quickly. They’re built so it is easy to take advantage of flexible solutions that map to your business processes and adapt to the way your teams work best.

Microsoft’s connected project experiences help provide clear expectations about budgets and timelines, enable you to set your teams up to drive strategic outcomes that improve customer satisfaction, increase profitability, and reduce costs. Reducing complexity and increasing clarity will help you take an important step forward toward achieving the kinds of successful results that lead to happier, more engaged teams.

We also know that solving today’s complexity challenges alone isn’t enough. Long-term business success is also built on a modern technology platform that supports a culture of innovation and offers the flexibility to grow and adapt. Microsoft’s connected project experiences also deliver a unified approach that brings together all your company’s data, to help you uncover insights. With simplified IT management and the security of Microsoft’s trusted cloud to protect your processes and intellectual property—Planner, Project, and Dynamics 365 Project Operations—mark the beginning of a new era of project experiences that will transform how teams and organizations manage their work.

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