Smartwatches for Sale – Way Ahead of their Time

Remember the Casio wristwatch with an onboard calculator that had the unique hack of being able to change the TV channel? This was one of a series of smartwatches that were truly ahead of their time while testing the patience of unassuming patients and older siblings! As we turn the dial up to 2021 (where has the time gone?), smartwatches continue to develop at a blistering pace as the app functionality of mobile devices is repurposed onto watches for unlimited daily uses. 

While Samsung, Apple Watch, Fitbit and Huawei dominate the smartwatch marketplace, traditional watch manufacturers have gone high-tech in their hour of need. If you add in players such as Garmin and Suunto, who integrate their signature GPS functionality in watch format, consumers are now spoilt for choice when it comes to their next smartwatches purchase. 

You no longer need to sacrifice style and sophistication to find the perfect watch that makes both a fashion and tech statement. 

Smartwatches for the kids

High tech watches are not just for adults! As parents, we value the peace of mind of knowing that our children are safe, anywhere and anytime. By gifting our children smartwatches (with limited functionality), parents can keep an eye on their kids without standing over their shoulders, every minute of the day. 

Not only can smartwatches help monitor your child’s exercise and sleep quality, but you are also able to send them push notifications if they haven’t been keeping up with their homework or daily chores. Best of all, kids smart watches come in a wide variety of fun colours and strap options. Isn’t it time your child stopped changing the settings on your smartwatch? Buy him or her their very own from an online platform that offers new and second hand options from a variety of trusted vendors.

Pairing up your smartwatch to your phone and more

If you own an Apple iPhone, Macbook or iPad, pairing it up with an Apple Watch is effortless. Likewise, smartwatches that operate on the Android Operating System (AOS) will seamlessly pair with Android smartphones (eg Samsung, Huawei and Oppo) via the WearOS application, freely available from the Google Play Store. With Wifi, Bluetooth, dialling and NFC capabilities on many of the leading smartwatches, you can drastically reduce the amount of time that you spend (or waste) on your mobile devices. Simply tap your wrist and your smartwatch will do the rest.


The emergence of the hybrid smartwatches

The smartwatch market is no longer only the playground of the tech giants. Traditional watch manufactures are keen to avoid their very own Kodak or Blockbuster implosion by ensuring that they stay at the forefront of digitisation in order to attract younger, tech-savvy customers. You can now purchase “hybrid smartwatches” from traditional manufacturers such as Fossil, Skagen and Emporio Armani, which combine the traditional, analogue dials of wristwatches with the connected functionality of its high-tech smart counterpart. Expect more of your traditional favourites to join this growing list in the coming months and years. 

Fun smartwatch fact: $180,000 is the price of the world’s most expensive smartwatch – the Tag Heuer Connected Modular Full Diamond – finished in 24-carat gold, with 589 diamonds sprinkled across its wristband.  

Time’s Up! Where can I find smartwatches for sale?

Whether you’re an Apple devotee looking for the latest Apple Watch release, interested in pairing your Android phone to its watch extension or casually looking at an entry-level watch, you can find a wide variety of smartwatches for sale, at the best prices, on various online platforms. Isn’t it time you rewarded yourself, for a change?